Marco the Molecule

Join Marco the Molecule on his 4 BILLION year-long adventure! As a water molecule, life is almost never dull.

He sometimes gets stuck in a glacier or underground for years on end, but most of the time he gets to have a blast riding the ocean currents and exploring the always-changing water cycle. He might be eaten in a leaf by a caterpillar and then somehow find himself in a beautiful rainbow on the other side of the world not long after.

Fully illustrated and filled with humor to engage all ages, the 7 parts of his water adventure story are followed by a variety of enjoyable activities designed to reinforce key terms and concepts such as evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration, runoff, and erosion.

A few reasons both kids and adults love the book:

  • Entertaining episodes and visual diagrams make it easy to understand science.
  • It’s fun to color Marco’s adventures and find him on every page.
  • Engaging activities reinforce key concepts and terms.
  • The book is printed in the easiest to read font, Heineman Special, developed through years of research.
  • Marco knows how to have a good time.

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Printed in Portland, Oregon, USA on 100% FSC-certified recycled paper and bound with 100% recycled plastic Eco-Coil.

Marco the Molecule is the latest book from Engaging Press that has been getting rave reviews from kids, parents, and educators.

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Written by Rick Reynolds. Illustrated by Rick Reynolds and Cristina Watson.